Applications are currently OPEN

Looking for a MODDED MINECRAFT experience? Check out the Modded Server SMP: CLICK HERE


1. You MUST register on this site! We will be posting updates, announcements, and weekly challenge information here so it’s important that you register!
2.. You MUST be able to either record and upload AT LEAST ONE VIDEO A WEEK or be able to POST HERE ON THE FORUMS ONCE A WEEK with an update with what you’re up to!
You can apply as a VIDEO CREATOR (YouTuber) or as a SCREENSHOT STORY TELLER (ONLY posts pics and updates on the forums)
3. You MUST be willing to participate in SMP Challenges (If any) (read post below for more info on current season)
4. You MUST to be willing to follow server rules, read rules post!

Sound like you? FILL OUT AN APPLICATION!! After applying, please wait for us to contact you! We will contact you on TWITTER, DISCORD, OR ON THESE FORUMS to let you know if you made it into this season or not. If you don’t make it, please don’t be discouraged, we will be accepting new people every season after this! Come check back often for recent season updates and info on the next season! GOOD LUCK!!


NOTE: if you apply during a season, NP! just know that you may not be able to join us until next season, but no worries, your application will be saved and looked at!