Mythics just got a facelift!

One of Paradise Realms Survival's most iconic aspects is the custom items known as Mythics!

Although having cool named items with some whacky enchantments is nice and all,

We felt as if we could one up what we had already!

Additional items in newer updates:

As we update the server and what it has to offer for our players, some new items were added in Version 4 or the Carnival Update. Visit the Paradise Realms Carnival after it's official opening to see these new items!

Now past all the boring explanation and on to how you can get your hands on the pack!

Installation instructions!

The first step is a major requirement for the pack:

 You must have Optifine installed!

1. Download Optifine here:

2. Download the most recent update for 1.12.2 (or your preferred version)

3. Run the optifine(version).jar file that downloads to install.

4. After the installation, you will have to switch to the optifine instance in the Minecraft launcher.

How to change to Optifine Instance

The second step is the easier of the two!

Installing the pack.

1. Download the Mythics Resource pack.

Paradise Realms Resource Pack V4

2. Take the downloaded .zip file from the downloads folder.

3.Use the open resource packs folder in game to open the repository for Minecraft resource packs.

4. Click and drag the pack folder into the resource packs folder.

5. Reload the in game resource pack menu, and enable the pack as you would any other resource pack!

Sneak Peaks at the pack.

Poseidon Mythics

New Years Mythics

Museum Robbery Mythics

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