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The Punny Birthday Building contest was judged by Nav, if you know Nav, he LOVES puns (heavy on sarcasm)

So the winners are:

MOST PUNNIEST: Pupsi and Jolive123 these two went all out and kept the puns going and going and going XD

MOST CRINGIEST: Shadeswift Nicholas cage....that's all that needs to be said....Shade won because he managed to make both Nav and I cringe -.-

MOST ORIGINAL: NovaBot  Candy Floss! For those who don't know candy floss is another name for cotton candy XD

GOOD JOB EVERYONE! Nav and I (mostly me) enjoyed seeing everyone's Punny Builds! Pictures of the builds are posted in our discord, and will be posted here on the site in the BUILD server forums! 


Well done to everyone who entered the build comp and have shown off some amazing and spoopy builds there were four different categories to win from there was Best overall, Most creative, Cutest and Spookiest all the builds looked so good and it was hard choosing the winners of all these categories But after long hard decisions we have the 5 winners they are:

Most Creative: Shadeswift and Anissamae

Cutest: Jolive

Spookiest: ItzTom_

Best Overall: Thundercracker 

Well done to everyone who took part in the build comp even if you didn't win they all still looked amazing  

Pictures of builds are posted in discord, will be posted in the forums here too!