The Minecraft journey never ends, there's much to explore, many adventures to be had, are you ready? The Modded SMP server might be a great choice for you!
Hey Everyone! Some of you did not even know our Modded SMP server even existed! HELLO! Nice to see you! XD The Paradise Realms CocoCraft SMP server opened in April 2017, and so far, has had 4 seasons! The Modded SMP is a white-listed, modded server, that offers a few things to our members:
MODDED MINECRAFT: A different way to play Minecraft, far from vanilla. We run our mod packs through the Curse/Twitch Launcher.
SEASONS: Our seasons each run about a month long. This gives us a chance to improve the mod pack, and come up with new content for each season. We try to keep things interesting and moving. We do close the server every other month sometimes, this is so we can test mod packs, grow our group of member, promote the next season and it allows members to come and go for seasons. Join up when you have free time, take a break when you need to.
ALL INCLUSIVE SEASONS: Yes, this is a selected group of players (from applications) BUT we allow EVERYONE to apply and join. The ONLY requirement we have is that you are able to run the mod pack. Make videos? You can apply! Don't make videos? You can apply! We do not turn down an application like other SMPs just because you don't have a mic.
UPDATED MOD PACKS: One downfall to Modded SMPs is, a mod pack is put together, and then becomes outdated. This causes long downtimes, or for smp servers to come to an end. We have a team that puts together a mod-pack, tests it, and updates them. This will allow for a longer running server. On the other hand, this also allows us to host Themed seasons, different mod packs, something new, more often.
GROWING TEAM AND COMMUNITY: This server stays true to the Paradise Realms sense of community, we are NOTHING without our members! you'll get to meet new people every season, and get to know each other as seasons go on. We all support each other and have a fun time! Once accepted, all members are automatically invited to the next season, you can also choose to sit out a season, and you're welcomed back when you're able to return! Our staff are always open to suggestions!
The forums are full of information! We hope you enjoy your stay!