All Server Rules

Chat Rules:
- No Racist or Homophobic slurs may be used in any chat at any time.
- Cybering (Cyber Sex) is not and never will be allowed on the server.
- No links to pornograpic, phishing, IP-Loggers, suspicious, or excessively graphic sites/images.
- Do not spam in chat (including spambot) - There's no need for it and it fills up chat.
- Do not advertise other servers (posting the IP and/or telling others to join)
- No excessive caps - There's no need for it and it's not appealing to look at.
- No excessive cursing/swearing - It's fine in moderation but no one needs to swear every other word.

Account Rules:
- No offensive usernames. Accounts with offensive usernames will be immediately removed. To continue playing, you must change your username to something not offensive then make an appeal. Once your account has been checked, you will be granted access to the server once again.
- No offensive skins. Accounts with offensive skins will be immediately remomved. Once the skin is changed, the ban can be appealed.

No Modded or Hacked Clients:
- No hacked clients are allowed on Paradise Realms, using them will result in a ban.
- No X-Ray resource packs/mods - They give an unfair advantage and using any form of X-Ray will result in a ban.
- No mods may be used - The exceptions are Shaders and Optifine.

Miscellaneous Rules:
- No nude or inappropriate skins - Including racial and offensive skins. (Hitler, Osama etc.)
- Do not have excessive amounts of passive animals - Roughly 80 per player, this is due to the large amounts of lag they can cause.
- Do not kill/steal others animals - There are plenty out in the wild, you don't need to mess with other player's animals.
- No more than 200 pistons/hoppers per person - This is 200 of each, they can both cause excessive lag and 200 is more than enough. (If spread out over a large area, you can ask staff for permission to place more!)
- Respect all staff - They're only there to help you, don't take it out on them if you can't get your own way.
- Do not exploit any glitches or loopholes - If you find any glitches or loopholes please report to staff and no one else.

Modded SMP Server Rules

Along with the rules above, these following rules apply to the MODDED SMP SERVER specifically.

PvP Rules
-There is NO PvP allowed without consent from each person involved; in other words, no surprise or random attacks.
-There are NO traps allowed, unless stated otherwise.

Mods Rule
-Additional mods that are allowed (and are NOT always included in modpack): JourneyMap, Optifine, Shaders

Prank Rule
-Pranking IS allowed, just as long as said prank does not damage players and/or property.